2004 – Saskatchewan

Dr Sally Mahood graduated from medical school at the University of Saskatchewan in 1978 and has been practicing family medicine for 20 years. Her parents played a major role in her commitment to community, to the needs of aboriginal people and the underserved, and to the preservation of public healthcare. Her Mother was a psychiatrist and strongly influenced Dr Mahood’s interests in a medical career and socialized medicine, while her father was a teacher who was a strong social and political activist.

Dr Mahood works in the Family Medicine Unit at Regina Hospital, which is also a teaching facility, and is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Her peers describe her as extremely committed to promoting family medicine among her students. Her community benefits not only from her medical expertise, but also from her involvement in family medicine obstetrics, in Planned Parenthood’s Teen Health Centre and in the Women’s Health Centre.

In honour of her extra-curricular work, Dr Mahood earned a Certificate of Recognition to Human Rights in Saskatchewan in 1984 for addressing important issues including healthcare for the poor, equal access to health services, equality for women, contraception and abortion. She is also a former recipient of the Fellowship in Women’s Health.

Dr Mahood is a medical writer and lecturer with numerous publications and presentations to her name. In 2001, she became a Fellow of The College of Family Physicians of Canada.

She is married to John Conway, a professor at the University of Regina and has four children, all currently in university. Her hobbies include reading, music and learning Spanish.



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