2007 – Quebec

Marie-Thérèse began practice at the Châteauguay CLSC, moving later to family practice at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont and then to L’Université de Laval in 1993. She is currently an Associate Professor at L’Université de Montreal.

Marie-Thérèse’s passion is communications. With her background in psychophysiology, doctor-patient communications has become her raison d’être. Since 1994 she and her husband, Claude Richard, have written healthcare communications publications and presented workshops for health professionals. They were honoured with the 2005 Prescrire Award for their book: La communication professionnelle en santé. Marie-Thérèse participates with national and international organizations to share her expertise in family medicine communications.

Marie-Thérèse’s other academic interests include research and multi-disciplinary teams focused on various medical communications issues, and innovative approaches to collaborative care with a focus on clinical information systems.

Marie-Thérèse and Claude have two adopted daughters from China. At home in the Laurentians, Marie-Thérèse reads, canoes and relaxes with her growing family.

“In my clinical work, I quickly came to the realization that my training in psychology was extremely helpful for understanding patients’ health problems and determining the impact that these problems had on their daily life and that of their family.”

Dr Marie-Thérèse Lussier
Graduate of L’Université de Montréal in 1982
Certificant in Family Medicine 1985
Fellow in Family Medicine 1999



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