2007 – British Columbia

Nirvair has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in her homeland of Zambia. Thus inspired, she pursued a career that has made a difference for thousands. After coming to Canada in the ‘80’s, Nirvair became a researcher, and then set up a clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for patients with HIV/AIDS. She has now extended her work to an HIV/AIDS clinic in South Africa where she plans to work on a rotational basis.

As Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, Nirvair teaches numerous Family Medicine programs to medical students, residents and international medical graduates. Her research focuses on AIDS, menopause and hypertension. In 2004, she was awarded UBC’s Best Family Medicine Teacher of the Year.

Nirvair practices at the Raven Song Community Health Centre. Having raised her family in Vancouver, she is described by patients and friends as “enthusiastic and wise, always respectful of other people, and a wonderful exemplar of Family Medicine.”

“As a family doctor I value the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives, working toward curing illnesses with medical/scientific knowledge and skills, appreciating that healing belongs to the doctor/patient relationship, and that listening to patient’s stories may be the most significant feature of that relationship.”

Dr Nirvair Levitt
Graduate of the University of Zambia 1978
Certificant in Family Medicine 1991
Fellow in Family Medicine 2004



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