2008 – Ontario

Dr Frank Martino is acknowledged by his colleagues, patients and students for his outstanding ability to inspire, motivate and mentor. For many, Frank sets the standard by which others measure their success.

Having a medical degree from the University of Turin in Italy, Frank completed his family medicine training at Queen’s and Toronto where he also did the Emergency Medicine program. He received his Certification in Family Medicine in 1991. Frank has a teaching practice at Queens Square Doctors in Brampton, Ontario where he has championed the implementation of electronic medical records. He is also an active staff member at the Brampton Memorial Hospital Campus of the William Osler Health Centre and the Georgetown Hospital Campus of Halton Health Sciences. Inspired by numerous mentors throughout his career, Frank’s special interests are dedicated to emergency medicine, primary care obstetrics, teaching, and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship throughout. He makes home visits to some of his patients, and he serves as the local Coroner.

Frank is currently Chief of Family Medicine at the William Osler Health Centre and is a member of the Departments of Family Medicine at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. His energy and enthusiasm are the driving force behind a residency program in family medicine at his hospital in association with McMaster University.

In 2005 Frank received the Osler Award of Excellence and in 2006, the Award for Innovation in Education from the University of Toronto.

Frank and his wife, Dawn, have two children: Adam, 19, and Paris, 11. Together they are involved in dance and theatre, and as time permits Frank enjoys his personal hobbies including cinema, travelling, architectural and art history.

“I have always viewed what I do as a family physician not as a job but as a prized vocation – one that allows me the privilege to be part of the extended family of my patients and community. The vocation carries with it immense responsibility that is only overshadowed by the great fulfillment it constantly bestows.”



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