2009 – Quebec

From St-Augustin de Desmaures, Quebec, Dr Jean Maziade has been practicing family medicine for almost 25 years. He obtained his medical degree from Université Laval and was awarded Certification with the CFPC in 1986. Jean completed his Masters in Experimental Medicine in 1992 and became a Fellow of the College in 1997.

Jean is affiliated with Laval University and the Family Medicine unit of the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Vieille-Capitale where he not only serves as Chief of Family Medicine but also teaches and mentors medical students. Having recently implemented the “Plan Maziade” for students, he works tirelessly to improve training to benefit the next generation of family doctors. Jean has been in charge of Certification exams at Laval since 2006.

Jean is equally as passionate about public health, including the battle against influenza virus. As a member of the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ Groupe provinciale de surveillance et de vigie de l’influenza, he has conducted and published an impressive amount of research. His publications demonstrate a wide range of professional expertise, from breast cancer to hypertension.

It is his passion that has garnered Jean the respect of his colleagues, leading to various awards, including three Prix de reconnaissance en enseignement (supervision) en médecine familiale from the CLSC-CHSLD Haute-Ville-Des-Rivières and the CCSS de la Vieille-Capitale in recent years.

This enthusiasm also infiltrates his community activities where Jean coaches children’s soccer teams in his spare time. He enjoys playing golf and badminton, and dabbles in carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Jean is married to Francine Vézina, also a physician, and they have a son, Alexandre.

“For me, family medicine goes way beyond the treatment of patients; first and foremost, it is the opportunity to establish a special relationship with each person in order to support them in every aspect of their health. It is also teaching and sharing the joy of practicing a wonderful profession to students and residents in family medicine.”



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