2009 – British Columbia

Dr John Pawlovich is a champion of rural family medicine. Having come to Fraser Lake, British Columbia, when it was an “impossible-to-recruit-to” community, he transformed it into a stable, exciting hive of interprofessional practice and education. John played a lead role in creating a nationally-recognized primary care referral centre that consistently excels in meeting the needs of his community and its surrounding regions. His perseverance in overcoming the inevitable is an inspiration to family physicians and those aspiring to embrace family practice.

Having earned his medical degree from the University of British Columbia, John obtained his Certification in 1996 and his Fellowship from the CFPC in 2007. In addition to a broad range of primary care services, John’s special interests extend to urgent, emergency and trauma care as well as cardiology services profiling his medical expertise and ability to arrange timely patient transfers to larger centres that show a high degree of respect for his opinions. To support these interests, John coordinates semi-annual “healthy heart” workshops and manages a diagnostic centre in his community.

To his students, John is an enthusiastic teacher. His clinic is the first choice for many trainees in the Northern Medical Undergraduate and Family Practice Residency program. John is also a mentor for his peers as a frequent presenter at numerous CPD events related to rural medicine and cardiac care.

John is married to Sarah who is also a family physician. Not surprisingly, his hobbies include hunting and fishing!

“The Reg L. Perkin Award defines the destination that my co-workers and I journey toward on a daily basis. It is with immense gratitude that I accept this award on behalf of all those with whom I share the privilege of working.”



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