2009 – Saskatchewan

Known to fight for the concerns of family physicians and their patients, Dr Keith Ogle is respected as a skilled clinician who actively pursues the latest developments in medicine. Described by his patients as kind, compassionate and humorous, he has been instrumental in optimizing community health by coordinating care to underserviced areas in urban Regina, promoting medical education in rural Saskatchewan, and supporting care to northern communities.

After obtaining his medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Keith was awarded Certification in Family Medicine in 1994 and Fellowship in 2007. His practice is at West Winds Primary Health Centre and he is the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. From May 2007 to May 2009, Keith was also Chair of the National Association of Chairs of Family Medicine.

Having a very keen interest in medical ethics, Keith has developed a reputation as the residing ‘Ethicist- on-call’. He pursues this passion as a consultant in clinical ethics for the Saskatoon Health Region and as a bio-medical ethicist at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. Keith has numerous academic papers to his name and offers his expertise to students and colleagues in diverse disciplines by accepting frequent speaking engagements.

Keith has several different interests in life which he enjoyed long before pursuing a career in medicine. He is a graphic artist, canoe-builder, musician, carpenter and full-time wilderness homesteader. Keith is married to Tessa Laubscher, a family physician herself, and has an additional place in his heart for his daughter Alisson.

“Being selected for this award is both a surprise and an incredible honour. I am blessed to work in one of the most satisfying disciplines on the planet, alongside truly awesome, caring and competent colleagues – I can think of dozens of them here in my own community who are more deserving of recognition.”



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