2011 – Alberta

In recognition of his unsurpassed commitment to his patients, their families, and his community, Dr Len Wade, a rural physician from Vulcan, Alberta, is acknowledged as an outstanding family medicine mentor and leader.

After completing his medical degree at the University of Calgary, Dr Wade received his Certification in family medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada in 1987. In addition to managing a busy rural family practice, Dr Wade serves as Chief of Staff at the Vulcan Community Health Centre and was Medical Director of the Vulcan and District EMS services for over 20 years.

Dr Wade was an early participant in his local Primary Care Network, helping to promote preventive medicine, increase access for patients, and improve coordinated patient care in Alberta. As a mentor to medical students and residents, he demonstrates that the needs of the patient must come first. He is quick to accommodate patients with special needs, providing home visits for those who are not well enough to travel.

An active voice in the Vulcan community, Dr Wade participates in several medical committees including the Vulcan and County Recruitment and Retention Committee. He is also the Vulcan representative for the Medical Advisory Committee for the Department of Rural Medicine at Alberta Health Services.

Dr Wade is a vocal proponent for healthy living. He recently joined a humanitarian organization in Kenya. He travels there each fall to provide health care in remote, underserviced community clinics.

Dr Wade enjoys spending time with his wife, Barbara, and their three children—Katie, Brendan, and David. He keeps fit through biking, skiing, and mountaineering.



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